Priority:Strength began very simply out of the realization that a reliable archive of exercise demos and explanations didn't exist anywhere on the web. We would routinely encounter clients and athletes needing simple explanation about what an exercise is, but with no trustworthy source to get answers. Rolling the dice with a web search may be helpful, but all too often it yields sub par or even dangerous recommendations. Shouldn't there be a destination to get reliable, easy to find information for the exercises in your program? Out of that simple question came Priority:Strength.

P:S is now home to more than 400 (and counting) exercise demos. Easy to find, to-the-point, and accessible right from your phone. View our Demos page to see our video archive, and subscribe to our youtube channel for regular updates.

The archive of video demos was the jumping off point, but head coach Noah Gabriel-Landis has always been driven by one thing: Program Design. To us, program design means meticulously crafted, pin-point-precise, easy-to-follow training regimens that balance every nuance and variable. We take every detail into consideration: Why this exercise instead of that one? Why :04 down instead of :05? Why 1:30 rest instead of 2:00? Why overhand as opposed to underhand? And not just each detail, but the sum of these details. How many seconds over any given workout are you actually in motion? Is that more or fewer seconds than yesterday? How about tomorrow, or next week, or next cycle? We consider everything so you don't have to... all to get the best results possible. 


Head Coach Noah began his fitness career in Washington, DC, where he owned and operated three gyms. Having studied with some of the best coaches in the world (including Charles Poliquin, Stephane Cazeault, and James Fitzgerald), Noah has long been on the cutting edge of successful program design for both group classes and individual athletes alike. He now lives outside of Oakland, CA and holds personal training hours at DIAKADI, named the best Trainers/Gym in San Francisco for 14 consecutive years.

-NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

-Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP) Level 3

-Biosignature Level 1

-Precision Nutrition Level 1

-OPEX Assessment and Program Design

-USA Weighlifting Sport Performance


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